Saturday, 28 August 2010

An Interesting Night

So, last night was the gig at the Flapper. Now we, The Fall, The Rise, enjoy a challenge. This one was new to us though.
To arrive at the venue with all our gear ready to play to be told that the gig was cancelled was an interesting experience. But, to our credit and a testament to our stubbornness, we were ready to play (and a 'little' peeved at not being informed in advance by the 'promoter') so with a little negotiation we got the engineer and the bar to let us play anyway.
What then ensued was a blistering extended set from a band who were gig ready and hungry for some live action. An intimate affair for the 20 odd people who came to see us, but still it was a good test for the new material.
We ended up having a fun night after the initial, how do you say, fury!
Thanks to those who turned up for us, we'll see you (and more) at Scruffy Murphy's on September 19th.



Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fri 27th Aug - Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham

Hi all,
We're playing the Flapper & Firkin this Friday so come on down and say hi! We'll be playing a good selection of songs from the new album plus and oldie or two.

It'd be great to see your faces. Doors are at 7:30 so get there bright and early. We'll have a bit of merch going dirt cheap too!

RSVP here:!/event.php?eid=121871014525114

Friday, 13 August 2010

Very, very big.

From Facebook: Currently in the studio listening to what can be no longer considered rough mixes. It's big folks, 'Speak ill of the Dead' will take faces off. Fact.