Saturday, 27 June 2009

Recording...1 week to go!

I'm excited. There's one week to go until we head into the studio and record new songs! It feels pretty good to say that I can tell you.
We've been kind of stuck under all of the unwanted 'business' crap surrounding our 1st album Interlopers, and while it is still a really fine debut album and we're still really proud, it was nearly 4 years ago when we first started recording the music that would later become Interlopers. 4 damn years!!! The really is no point dwelling on why this has taken so long...the point is - We're ready for something new now and by jove, we've got a nice batch of new songs that are really, really good. :-)
Its also worth noting that this will be the first recording with our new bass player Rich which is pretty special. We're not gonna record all the new songs straight away but we've picked 3 (or maybe 2) for when we go into the studio this 1st time. Gavin Monaghan (who has recently worked with the like of Editors, The Twang and many many more) will be producing us which is gonna be pretty damn good. Keep your eyes out for updates on here and no doubt those new songs up on our MySpace very soon.
Speak soon! - Simon

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A comedy of errors

Just got back from playing with Failsafe at the Bar Academy - wow, I really didn't enjoy myself! Whatever god was looking down on us tonight thought it'd be funny for me to bugger up one of our songs and then cause a massive split down the front of my trousers! If the 4 guys at the front during our set read this - a sincere apology for telling you to shut up, you witnessed what I like to call "Martin throws a tantrum like a little girl". If you brave our gig at the Sunflower Lounge on 22nd Aug I'll let you all in for free (I've got a good memory for faces though any enterprising freeloaders who try their luck!!)

We're in the studio to record a couple of songs on 4th July with Gavin Monaghan, we hope you like them when we get around to streaming them.

Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

- A repentent Martin.

Monday, 22 June 2009

You might see a slight shift in tone to previous blogs as Si has foolishly allowed me access to the band account mwhahaha!! You watch the little tinker edit my posts now though!

Anyway, as previously mentioned we are playing what the young 'uns like to call a "gig" on Weds night at Academy 3 (see also, Bar Academy) with the band Failsafe. I'm very much looking forward to further damaging my eardrums, in the hope of one day owning an ear trumpet. Those are tha bomb, yo!

We're expected to be there at ridiculous o'clock though to load our equipment in. This isn't a new phenomenon by any means, but it still baffles me why some venues want bands there hours before the gig is due to start since it will mean either:

a) We're waiting around for the sound engineer to turn up or;
b) We do a soundcheck early and still have to wait around, this time for the show to start.

Unfortunately we won't be able to get there at the requested time due to work but I've got to be honest, I'd rather just have a 5 minute line check before we go on than wait around - hopefully that won't annoy the sound man too much! A pissed off sound man is a band's worst enemy!

Anyway, if you do make it down we'll be playing a few new songs and it'd be nice to see a few friendly faces (unfriendly faces aren't so desirable but we can't afford to be picky).

In summary, COME ROCK WITH US.

- Martin.

Friday, 12 June 2009


We've booked a couple of gigs in our hometown of Birmingham over the next few months. The 1st of them is on June 24th at the O2 Academy 3 (Dale End, Birmingham) with the band Failsafe. We've got a Facebook page which you can sign up to to get cheap entry to the gig. Just head on over here:

We've also booked a gig at the Sunflower Lounge which we're going to be setting up and promoting. It's going to be with the rather bloody excellent Killerest Expression who we haven't gigged with in many a year so it's going to be a pretty special night I think. More details on this one as we get them....